June 2024 Prayer Letter

June 17, 2024 6:42 am

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf.

I also want to thank the many of you who have inquired about my health after the emergency gallbladder surgery I had in Peru in February. After the first couple of weeks I have had no problems and don’t anticipate any future issues. Through many of you, the Lord has provided the funds necessary to take care of the expense. Thank you.

Graduation and Wedding Season
We enjoyed being at a couple of college graduations this year. These were for young people that we have gotten to know through our ministry working at camps and visiting colleges promoting missions. We are excited about the way God is leading them in their next steps. God is still at work and young college graduates are good reminders of this.

We also had the privilege of attending the wedding of a couple of recent college grads. I have known both of them for about 4 years. He is starting his first ministry as a youth pastor. Again, a reminder that God is still calling and young people are responding.

Deaf Camps and Missionary Training
Once again I will be spending 3 weeks at the Bill Rice Ranch for deaf camps this summer. I will be at their camp in northern Arizona for an additional week.

The annual Enrichment Week for our missionaries (previously called Training School) is coming up soon (June 17-21). Stephanie and I will be teaching as well as interpreting for our deaf missionaries in attendance. We would appreciate your prayers specifically for this busy week.

Recently we spent 3 days in April with missionaries from like-minded boards learning how to help missionaries share their stories of the events of their missionary service. We learned to help them look back and see the blessings God provided during potentially difficult days in the ministry.

Sign Language Class
We held a community sign language class at our public library in March and April. The goal of these types of classes isn’t to make someone into an interpreter, but to introduce the students to sign language and the deaf world. Typically we would expect 20-40 people at a class like this. We were shocked when 75 people showed up the first night! It was encouraging to meet several who were learning because of a ministry interest.

Thank you for your continued care for us and our ministry.

David Peach

A PDF version of this letter can be downloaded for printing.

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