March 2024 Prayer Letter

March 7, 2024 1:28 pm

Dear Friends,
Thank you to those who prayed for our two recent big events during January and February that were mentioned in our last letter.

Bill Rice Bible College
At the end of January I taught a one-week module at the Bill Rice Bible College. This was a class called Introduction to Missions. It is an expanded version of a class I have taught for them in the past. This time, I had almost 30 hours of teaching time. This allowed me to cover much more material than I have been able to cover in the past. It was a very profitable week.

Deaf Camp in Peru
In early February I was privileged to return to the country of Peru to speak at a deaf camp. This was for the Efata Ministries that I have been to several times in the past.

I met Pastor Jorge when he was a Bible college student more than 30 years ago.

We had 95 campers from several different churches. The age range was teens up to adults. The first day of camp I had a wonderful time re-connecting with Deaf that I first met over 30 years ago when I spent more than four months at Efata.

I most enjoyed getting to know Pastor Jorge and Maria Pozo better. I knew Jorge when he was a Bible college student back in 1991. One of their son’s, Timothy, was approved as a BIO missionary a few months ago. I got to spend time with their other son Josue when I was there. Knowing these two young men has made me very impressed with Pastor Jorge and Maria.

Not everything went according to plan while in Peru. After camp was over, I had expected to be in Lima visiting various friends for the next week. Instead, I spent time in a hospital having emergency gallbladder removal. I am thankful for my host family who was willing and able to rush me to the hospital when everything happened. I am also thankful for a good hospital and surgeon. The surgery was not as straightforward as one would have hoped. The surgeon did a phenomenal job in pivoting and helping with the real problem, not just the one that was presented to him.

There was unexpected cost associated with this surgery. I am grateful that my wife could get on a plane and join me during the recovery process. We have had two churches make significant donations that has covered $4800 of the $7400 extra expenses. If you would like to help with the additional expense, you can send a check made to BIO with a note that it is for my surgery expenses.

Thank you for your continued care for us and our ministry.

David Peach

You can download a PDF version of this letter for printing.

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