Partner With Us

Would you like to partner with us?

We are looking for churches and individuals who want to participate in our ministry of taking the Gospel to the Deaf. As we go to Argentina to start a deaf church and teach sign language in various other churches to establish interpretive ministries, we need partners who will uphold us in prayer and financial support. To adequately be a part of our ministry we attempt to keep you informed of our work and goals. You can keep up to date with us through various ways.

First you can sign up to receive our prayer letter each time it is sent out. By placing your name and email address in the sign up box to the right you can get our regular prayer letters.

Second, you can check back here regularly to see any updates between prayer letters.

If those updates aren’t often enough for you, you are welcome to send me an email and just ask me what is going on and how you can pray for us at any given moment. I love getting those emails and knowing that people are praying for very current needs.

Finally, you can partner with us in a financial way. We are needing churches and individuals who will make a commitment to the Lord to help support the work that God has called us to.

If you are a church leader and would like to have us present our ministry in your church in view of support, please have your pastor contact me and we will try to work out a time that we can be with you.

If you are an individual who would like to support us financially, let me recommend ways that this can be done. First I would ask that you be tithing to your local church ministry. Are you also giving to the mission program of the church? I think supporting missionaries through your church ministry can be an encouragement to others in your church as well as help many missionaries at one time. If you would like to support our ministry through your church you can ask your pastor how best to do that.

If your pastor suggests that your personal interest in our ministry is best handled directly with us or our mission board, you can certainly donate one time or regularly (most people donate monthly) to our ministry through our board. Any gift you give through the board will generate a tax deductible receipt for your records.

There are occasionally special needs that we have in which we are looking for specific donations to a project. If you or your company would like to make a one time, or occasional, gift to one of these projects, you can do that through our board as well. Simply indicate that the gift is for the Peach ministry and what the specific project is you are donating towards.

See our Contact Page to get information about our mission board and where to send any donations.

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