August 17, 2008 9:24 pm

Today we were privileged to baptize one of our recent converts. She is a lady who was saved in March. She came to our church after seeing me put an invitation flyer in a neighbor’s gate. She is wheelchair bound because of polio, but sent a friend across the street to grab the flyer and find out what the American in the neighborhood was promoting. The first Sunday she was with us was a special day we had in February. You can read more about Magi’s salvation in an earlier post.

Recently Bill (the other missionary we work with) has been teaching on baptism. Magi told us in church last Sunday that she wanted to be baptized before we left for the US. She stated that since she got on the path to coming to church and ultimately finding the Lord because of that one flyer I placed in a gate, she wanted me to be part of her baptism.

Today we were able to go to another church with a baptistery and baptize Magi. Since she is in a wheelchair, we put her in a plastic chair in the water and tipped her backwards. I have not been part of too many baptisms, but I can assure you this one will not be soon forgotten. It was an honor to be a part and that she felt so strongly in honoring us in this way.

In the video, Bill is the one who actually performs the baptism and he asks me to pray at the end. Of course this is all done in Spanish and in Mexican Sign Language.

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