Update – March 26

March 26, 2008 1:31 pm
  • Trip to the US for meetings and some vacation time
  • More news from our February 10th special day at church
  • National Pastors and Missionaries came to visit us
  • An exciting salvation testimony

We took a trip to the US for a couple of meetings and were able to take a short vacation spending time with David’s parents. We got to see quite a few friends in our short visit as well as enjoyed shopping opportunities that only the US can provide.

Just before we left on this trip we had the special Sunday that I mentioned in my last update (February 10). From that Sunday we have had some visitors who were with us continue to attend the services.

As soon as we returned home from our trip, we prepared the house to receive a group of national pastors and missionaries who work with the Deaf here in Mexico. This was our annual camp planning meeting and we were able to accomplish what we needed to in the week. We also enjoyed showing the group around the area and introducing them to our church since none of them had previously been here.

On Wednesday night (last week) one of the national pastors preached our service. After the service he sat down with a hearing lady who had been visiting our church since the special Sunday I mentioned before. He was able to clearly explain the Gospel in a way that Magi could understand and she accepted the Lord as her Savior! She was beaming with excitement when she left that night.

Magi came to church on Sunday morning and mentioned to me that her husband and mother wanted to learn about the Lord too. We set up a time to go and visit the family that evening. The husband is confined to a bed and the mother stays with him so that Magi can attend the services with us.

When Bill and I arrived at the house Magi told us that the mother, Doris, and husband, Miguel, were waiting for us in a back room. Magi could not be with us at the moment as she was tending to the store that they run out of the front room of the house. We walked back and started talking to the husband, but Doris was not yet there. When she did finally come in, we had already explained some of the Gospel to Miguel. Doris sat down and had a big grin on her face and was fidgety listening to us share the Gospel. At first Bill and I thought that maybe she was not all together sane and so we were very careful to explain the Gospel clearly. Towards the end though, we finally realized why Doris was so excited. Magi had already been telling Doris and Miguel everything she had learned at church. Doris was just so excited to finally get to hear for herself how that she too could have her sins forgiven and know that she had a home in heaven waiting for her.

Both Miguel and Doris accepted the Lord Sunday night!

It was truly a highlight time for us in the ministry here. This whole family is hearing and only live one block from the church. Since Miguel needs constant attention, Magi and Doris are planning to alternate coming to church so that they can go home and teach the others what they are learning.

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