Yucatan camp 2008

August 15, 2008 10:48 pm

Today we drove home from the Deaf camp in Yucatan. We were there from Tuesday to Friday of this week. There were 22 participants in the camp, which is about what we expected. We did not have any salvations during the week, but we were privileged to spend individual time with the Deaf and their hearing family members which we normally do not get to do in our normal ministry.

This week of camp marks the final stage of our ministry in Merida. We have finished four years here and are excited about leaving the ministry in the hands of another family. The next 10 days will be spent packing and tying up loose ends.

We will also have one final event at the church which will be a going away party for us. We have worked to invite the many Deaf that we have met through our four years of ministry here. Of course it will be an exciting and emotional time for all of us, but I am thrilled about having one more opportunity to present the Gospel to those who have not made a decision for Christ. That special day will be August 24. We would really appreciate your prayers that God will lead the people to the service and that they will be willing to hear the Gospel one last time from us.

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