Update – December 22

December 22, 2006 6:53 pm

We had a victory this week that I am excited to share.

Guillermo is a Christian deaf man who has come to the church a few times. He had not been as faithful as we would like to have seen, but seemed to genuinely make an effort to be there. He sprained his ankle about 8 weeks ago. This was a severe sprain and required physical therapy. Bill Green and I had been to visit Guillermo a few times at his house during his recovery. Physically he was not showing any improvement.

We made his healing a serious matter of prayer in the church. Friday of last week I spoke with his mother and learned that he was still at least a week away from being able to leave the house for anything other than his therapy sessions. They were seeing a new doctor who had given a better prognosis about getting him walking again.

Wednesday night Guillermo walked into church! He drove himself to church and said that he was doing much better and the new doctor feels that he was only about 1 month away from full recovery. The old doctor was still saying it would be at least 6 months, if ever, when he would be back to normal.

This was a great answer to prayer and is an encouragement to me personally as well as the church.

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