Update – January 10

January 10, 2007 9:51 pm

Yesterday we took our son to Cancun to the airport. He flew to Indianapolis to spend a couple of weeks with cousins. On the way over we lost a tire on our car. Thankfully, we had a spare and were back on the road with little time lost. He was late for check-in, but still early enough to be on the plane in time. We spent a little more time in Cancun than we originally planned since we bought two tires while we were over there. That just meant that we had to drive back in the dark last evening. Which is something we rarely do.

The church is growing. We had 3 visitors this last Sunday. Two are part of our Wednesday night group. The third was a Deaf man that saw our new church sign and joined us for the services Sunday. He is very excited about being with us and promised he would be back next week.

Thanks for praying!

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