Settling In

November 23, 2011 11:53 am

We have been back in the US for almost 4 months. We left Argentina at the end of their winter and we are quickly moving in to winter here in the US. God has been good to us in that we have been in some great meetings.

front of houseHouse

Thank you for praying for us concerning a place to live. We lived with, and paid rent to, a man in one of our supporting churches while we were looking for a house. Last week we moved into our new house which is only about 15 minutes from the mission board office. This is the first time we have unpacked some of our boxes which were packed up 11 years ago when we last lived in Tennessee. Knowing that we were not going to have a permanent place to live all those years, we left some things stored in boxes. We are now unpacking and discovering old treasures.


God’s protection has been evident in our lives over the last few weeks. If you have ever seen a car sitting on the side of the road with a wheel hanging out to the side because of a broken ball joint, then you get an idea of what happened to us. It is an extremely dangerous thing to have happen.

God protected us in our ball-joint incident. We pulled off the Interstate (on which we were traveling 70 MPH) for a bathroom break. As we were backing out of the parking spot to get back on the highway again, our ball joint broke. Our wheel fell off at 2 MPH instead of 70. God is good!

Because of this incident we have done the necessary work on the car to make it safe again. We are thankful for the kindness of God’s people to help us do the work and pay for it.

We would still like to have a larger vehicle for traveling, but until then we are pleased that this car is safe again.


Though I intentionally did not schedule many meetings for the rest of 2011, God has seen fit to let us be in some great churches over the last few weeks. We are thankful for pastors who were willing to have us in to present our work and report on the ministry even though money in churches is still tight.

BIO Office

I am still settling into my responsibilities at the mission board. I have visited one of our missionary families working with the Deaf. Next spring I plan to visit a few more. It is a great honor to serve the missionaries working with the Deaf through BIO. I look forward to getting to know them better and serve with them in the future.

Thank you for praying. It is always encouraging to get a note from someone who says that God brought us to their mind and that they prayed for us. We really do appreciate your prayers even if you don’t have the time to write and tell us about it.

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