October 2011 Prayer Letter

October 12, 2011 9:20 am

Dear Friends,
We are back in the United States and have been busy since we arrived a few weeks ago. We completed the move to Tennessee. That word completed may be a little optimistic. All our stuff is here but we are far from settled in. We are renting a temporary place to stay until we work out a more permanent housing solution.

In our last letter I mentioned that I would preach the Gospel to a group of deaf friends and my dear friend Victor at our final church service in Argentina. Though no Deaf came to church that night, I was thrilled when Victor and his wife Alicia arrived. As clearly as I knew how, I gave a Gospel presentation that was targeted directly at the reason why Victor won’t put his trust in Christ—pride. He won’t trust Jesus to do for him what he feels like he should do himself. That is, he feels like he either has to earn his way to heaven, or not be allowed in. The sad truth is, with that perspective, he will not enter into eternal life.

Victor did not accept the Lord that night at church. Some of the people from church know Victor and will continue to visit him. Victor and I have a mutual friend who has been witnessing to him besides me. I continue to pray for his salvation.

I previously mentioned our need for a vehicle. We are thankful for the gift of a car that has worked well for us. It is not a good long-term travel car, but it is sufficient for our needs at this time. Thank you for praying. Continue to pray that we will find the right vehicle that will serve us well as we start traveling full time again.

We have intentionally not booked any meetings for a few weeks after getting home so that we can settle in to our new surroundings. Starting the middle of October we will be on the road representing the many wonderful missionaries we serve as well as seeking to raise new support. Over the last few months we have lost quite a bit of support because of the economy. If you would like to have us in to report on our recent past ministry and our future, please contact me through email or telephone. I am filling our calendar as quickly as I can.

As part of our traveling in the United States we get to visit the missionaries who work with the Deaf through BIO. We are excited about visiting one of the missionary families this month (Pete and Marianne Leclerc). Pray with us about future travel to other countries where BIO missionaries serve. By visiting the missionaries on the field we can get a better understanding of how to pray from them. We want to be a blessing and encouragement to them where they work.

It is exciting to stand at the threshold of a new phase of ministry. The future opportunities to assist in the spread of the Gospel is thrilling. We look forward to sharing how your prayers and support will help in the ministry.

David Peach

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