Update: Leaving tomorrow for DeafNation World Expo

July 14, 2010 10:41 am

Tomorrow morning (Thursday July 15) I will be leaving my house headed to the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will take me more than 24 hours from the time I leave my house in La Plata to arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Current prayer requests:

  • Travel:
    • Safety on the roads and in the air
    • Luggage to arrive without problem
    • Transfers to go smoothly (have multiple connections going and coming)
  • Finances for the trip. There is still a great need, but am trusting the Lord to supply everything.
  • Wisdom on some important decisions the first couple of days
  • Team preparation
  • Team unity

Most of the team will arrive on Friday. The event does not start until Sunday, but we will be doing a lot of preparation of materials and logistics the first 2 days. The team members are made up of some very experienced men and women in the ministry as well as lay people and college students. The opportunity we have within the team to influence the lives of other team members is a tremendous blessing. Outside of all the witnessing we will be able to do in Las Vegas, we have a chance to shape the lives and ministries of these young people.

I will try to update the site every few days on the trip. I do not plan to send regular updates to my prayer letter mailing list during the trip, so please keep your eye on www.dpeach.com for the latest news.

A special thanks is extended to those who have donated financially. Because of your monetary connection, I know you will be praying more earnestly for the results of the trip. I hope these updates will be a help to you in prayer.

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