First night of DeafNation

July 19, 2010 3:45 am

We opened up our ministry at DeafNation World Expo by passing out tracts at “The Freemont Street Experience.” We had 15,000 tracts available for the evening. We are not sure yet how many we were able to distribute, but they were very well received. Our group is separated into 5 teams–one of which was responsible for picking up any tracts they found on the ground. Out of the thousands that we did distribute, there were fewer than 100 thrown on the ground. It was an amazing reception by both the hearing and Deaf.

These tracts were printed especially for this week. On one side the tract had information about DeafNation and some of the events for the week. On the other side was a well written presentation of the Gospel that used information specific to this conference to get the reader’s attention.

As you can see in the picture, there were people actually coming to our team members asking for the tracts. One man said he was a teacher in another country and asked if he could have a stack to take back to his students.

We even had another Christian ask for a stack of tracts and helped us distribute them!

Thank you for your prayers for this week of ministry. Tomorrow we start distributing literature at 3 different booths and on the streets. Continue to pray for this tremendous opportunity that we have to share God’s Word with the Deaf.

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