Camp preparations

July 15, 2008 7:54 am

We have two different camps coming up over the next few weeks for the Deaf here in Mexico. July 21 through 25 is our camp in the northern part of the country. The camp in Yucatan will be August 12 to 15.

Last Saturday we had an activity at our church to prepare for the camp in August. The ladies got together at the church and did some sewing. They were putting together skirts and culottes for camp. This is a time we try to help teach distinction and modesty in dress since they are not learning that otherwise.

The boys went out to the campground and did some general cleanup. The camp we are using this year is a very nice facility, but they have been doing some recent construction and needed the work space tidied up a bit. I had the hard job of burning the hot dogs to feed the guys.

Our family leaves on Friday the 18th to fly to the northern camp. With the camp being in a different location, it would be an extra 8 hours added to the 24 hour drive we normally have for camp. And, praise the Lord, there is a new airline that is having a great sale on tickets. We can fly the whole family for about the same price as driving.

We expect between 70 and 90 people at that camp near Monterrey. The Yucatan camp should have between 20 and 30. This is just our second year for the camp here in the south.

Thank you for your prayers during the two weeks of camp: July 21-25 and August 12-15.

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