April 2008 Prayer Letter

April 25, 2008 8:41 pm

Dear Friends,
In February we had a special day at church with 36 in attendance. This was our largest group for a Sunday service. One of the hearing ladies who visited that day has continued to be with us faithfully. She attended for five weeks when she finally understood her need for a Savior. She accepted the Lord on a Wednesday night! The next Sunday she came to church excited to tell us that her mother and husband “wanted to know.” Bill and I went to their house Easter Sunday night. While explaining the Gospel, the mother sat on the edge of her chair eager to hear what we taught. She and the husband accepted the Lord without any questions or doubts! As we sat talking with them we realized that the lady who had been attending with us went home after each service and taught them everything she learned. They had already heard the Gospel presented many times through this precious lady.

This last Sunday we had a Deaf man and his hearing daughter accept the Lord. They have been coming to church with us for about three months. He does not know sign language but seems to be following along in the services. He reads well, when he has glasses. We have been providing him Gospel tracts magnified on the copy machine. The church bought a giant print Bible for him last week. He brought glasses with him to church for the first time this Sunday and was excited to read along in the Bible during the preaching. He went to Bill after the morning service and Bill lead him to the Lord. Jennifer took the daughter and explained the Gospel clearly to her one more time. The daughter also accepted the Lord.

Last week I traveled to Valladolid, Mexico to help with a medical team. For me it was like taking a short term mission trip. It was a lot of work as I interpreted between the doctors and patients, but it was rewarding to know that because I was doing my part, someone else presented the Gospel to each one of the patients that came seeking medical help. We saw more than 300 saved during the week!

Bill and Jennifer will travel back to the US for a needed surgery for six weeks. As soon as they get back we will work towards camp in the northern part of the country as well as camp here. We are blessed to have the camp expenses covered this year for camp in the north, but if you would like to donate towards our extensive traveling to the different camps and the expenses of our camp in the south, we would really appreciate that. Estimated cost is $1500. After camp we will pack up to return to the US for our one year furlough. We have already scheduled a few meetings while we are home. Pray for our safety traveling and that we will raise the extra support that we need for our next term.

When we return to Mexico after our furlough we will relocate to start another ministry. Pray with us that God will give us specific direction as to where to go. We would like to report soon on our next place of ministry. Pray with us that God will clearly show us where to go. We will take a survey trip in the next few weeks to seek the Lord’s direction.

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