Two salvations!

August 26, 2007 3:43 pm

In my update for August 18 I mentioned that there were two who attended camp with us who were unsaved. We have been working with them specifically helping them come to an understanding of the Gospel. I am pleased to report that this morning in church both of them received the Lord as their Savior!

Mirna is an older lady who is just learning to communicate through signs. When I say older, I mean that she is well over the age of the average Deaf person with whom we work. Since sign language is relatively new to this area of Mexico (12 years), most of the Deaf who know it are either school age, or just over. Mirna, at just under 50 years old, is the oldest Deaf person we have been privileged to lead to the Lord.

Guillermo ‘Memo’ is a 22 year old man who has not had much opportunity for an education and is thankful for what he has been able to learn. He is helped by having a Deaf older brother who was able to learn signs and teach him. Memo is in school too now, but is studying well below his age.

God gave both Mirna and Memo an understanding of the Gospel this morning. Pray with us as we continue to teach them and see them grow in the Lord.

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