Update – July 28

July 28, 2007 9:32 pm
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Trip North
It was a long slow trip headed up to camp. We have been having a problem with our truck that none of 7 mechanics were able to figure out. Finally we were convinced it had to be computer related. This meant that we were going to try and make the trip to camp and on to the border of Texas where I could pick up a computer module at a junk yard for much cheaper than it was available for here.

In the end, the problem was the fuel pump which lasted, at least, till we got to where we were going to be staying for a few days on the border. We literally pulled into the mission apartment, shut off the truck, and it never started again until after it was repaired. God got us to where we needed to be and then the truck was down for the count.

But before we got to that point, we had finished camp in Tampico and were headed to the border for a few days. About 4 hours after leaving camp our transmission completely died. We had to have it rebuilt along the way. God provided direction through a couple of different people He put in our path as well as He provided the money to pay for the repair.

On the way up, we stopped in Tampico for camp. Camp was wonderful. We had 93 campers, which is a record for recent years. There were at least 3 salvations during the week.

Though we were in a new location and were concerned with working out all the unknown details, God gave wisdom and we were able to handle everything that came along. Even the dogs walking through the middle of the auditorium during the services did not seem to be much of an issue.

Trip South
When we finally got the truck fixed and running well, it was a blessing to get into it and be able to drive without fear of it losing power or dying every time we slowed down for a speed bump or town.

Other than the 3 hour detour that took us about 30 miles down the road, the trip was uneventful. We left the border a bit later than we wanted, therefore we were pushing to be home in 3 long travel days. The 3 hour detour made that even more difficult, but we were able to make it home safely.

Thank You
Thank you for your prayers. God kept us safe and gave us a great camp. We enjoyed the 3 days we were able to spend doing some shopping in the US. God provided the money for the travel expenses through one of our supporting churches.

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