Update – March 19

March 19, 2007 4:35 pm

In the last update I told you about an opportunity that I had to present the Gospel at a birthday party. Benjelimer (Ben) invited me to share something from the Bible for his party since he was inviting all of his Deaf friends. He wanted the Bible presentation to be the first item on the agenda. When we started there were only about 5 Deaf there. Along with his family and other friends there were about 25 people when we got started.

I gave a simple Gospel presentation and had an invitation. One of the men (hearing) for whom we have been praying accepted the Lord as his Savior! This is the father of one of the young deaf ladies in our church.

There were many other Deaf who eventually arrived. There were probably 40 people who came to the party. We praise the Lord for the one saved. Especially since he was someone who we had been praying specifically for.

Then yesterday at church our birthday celebrant brought a couple of Deaf friends to church who I had never met. They are unsaved and know nothing about the Bible. They are in their mid-20s. Pray for us as we work to see Mario and Nidia brought to the Lord.

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