Update – November 22

November 22, 2005 10:26 pm

We had a wonderful meeting in Guadalajara. Though there was some sickness while we were there, everyone had a great time of fellowship. I think the illness actually forced us to slow down and really get some much needed rest.

I returned home in time to get ready for our weekly Bible study with the Deaf. What a wonderful evening! We had 2 new Deaf. Add that to the 2 that have been coming but not yet saved and we have almost doubled from our original 5 to 9. The 2 new people are teachers at the school. One other teacher said he would like to come soon too. Pray for them. The three teachers are Janeth, Laura and René. René is the one who has not attended yet. The other two who have been coming, but not yet saved are Ana Isabel and Pati.

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