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December 2023 Prayer Letter

December 11, 2023 8:42 pm

Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas! The Advent of Christ is worth celebrating. As we look forward to the next few weeks, let me catch you up on the last couple of months.

I don’t know if “recruiting” is really the right word for what we were engaged in for the month of October, but that is the common term used. We feel like these trips to visit colleges and talk with young people are about building a relationship with them that will have a long-lasting impact. Over the last decade of “recruiting” I have made friends with missionaries, college students and teenagers that go far beyond having them join our board. We are building deep friendships that allow us to have an influence in the lives and ministries of those seeking God’s will. We don’t take that responsibility and privilege lightly.

We went to the missions conference at The Campus Church of Pensacola Christian College. We spent 10 days in town visiting with college students and catching up with long time supporters. We met a new church while we were there that started supporting us right away.

The next week we were at Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina. While it is a smaller school, it is hard to overstate how encouraging it is to be with so many young people who are ministry minded.

This year saw several planned trips canceled. However, we did take an unexpected trip to Spain. While we were there helping a missionary family with some projects, we also had time to do some investigation about future deaf ministry. I am praying for fruit to grow from seeds that were planted about the need of ministry to the Deaf.

While we were there working on a couple of projects, we also spent a little time enjoying the surrounding area. We even took a road trip into France for a day and spent a multi-hour layover in Amsterdam touring the city.

Near Future
We will mostly be home the next two months. I will be preparing to teach a one week modular class on missions at the end of January for a Bible college. I will take part in a Deaf men’s retreat just before that. Then I will also go to Peru for a week of camp at the beginning of February.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Your prayers encourage and uplift us.

David Peach

You can download a printable PDF version of this letter.