Can We Meet?

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us while we are traveling. I set up this page for our Facebook, Twitter and real life friends to get the information you need to know about our ministry. We will be doing more short-term trips than we have in our ministry in the last few years. This means that as we travel the US we will be able to stop by and visit the many friends we have made through social media and our previous travels.

We are missionaries working with the Deaf. We spent several years traveling in the United States helping to start deaf ministries in local churches. We then raised our support to work with the Deaf in Latin American countries. We were privileged to help start a deaf church in Mexico and a couple of deaf ministries in Argentina. I am now working with our mission board as Director of Deaf Ministries. This means we will represent other missionaries and their works with the Deaf. At the same time I will give counsel and assistance to missionaries around the world as they have specific needs.


If we are traveling in your area I would be honored to preach to your church congregation, teach a Sunday school class or just enjoy an hour of fellowship over a cup of coffee. As Director of Deaf Ministries for Baptist International Outreach I can share with you what God is doing in our personal ministry or in the lives of many missionaries working with the Deaf around the world. It would be my joy to give an update on God’s work to you personally or to your church.

Church Members

If you are interested in having us visit your church, please give our contact information to your pastor. He can either call me or I can contact him. If you can give a personal recommendation to the pastor on our behalf there is a higher likelihood that he would allow us to present our ministry to your church.

I only speak in Baptist churches or those which are Baptistic in nature. If you are not a member of a Baptist church, I would still be honored to share our ministry with you one-on-one.

Off-line meetings. Is it still possible?

As long as there are coffee shops, restaurants or parks in your town, then it is still possible to get together and enjoy one another’s company. If you are one of my online running or cycling friends, I would love to run or bike a few miles with you when we are in your area. I always have running clothes with me. I may or may not have a bike strapped to the back of my car.

When we travel we often have to get from point A to point B as quickly as we can. But once we are in an area we usually have time to spend with friends. Please contact me if you read about us being in your area and would like to share a coffee and an hour or two together (or even just 15 minutes at a gas station as we pass through).

I look forward to catching up on what is going on in your life as we get opportunities to meet together.

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