December 2021 Prayer Letter

December 14, 2021 12:32 pm

Dear Friends,
I trust you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. This was our first without my dad. Mom spent a week with us as we celebrated at our house in Tennessee. We also took her to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum during Thanksgiving week.

Paul Mosley
A couple of days after I mailed our last letter, our friend (and fellow BIO missionary) Paul “PJ” Mosley went home to be with the Lord. He was a young man (32 years old) with a servant’s heart to reach the Deaf and anyone else he was around. He has been greatly missed, but we are encouraged by the stories of those who have told how PJ influenced their life and how they are now preparing for the ministry because of his testimony.

Enjoying the view from a castle in Spain

Our trip to Spain was fabulous! We had a wonderful time with Danny and Jordan Bonikowsky. I preached in two different hearing churches while we were there. We did not meet any Deaf in Spain, but we gathered some information that could help us in assisting churches reach out to the Deaf around them.

There are times when I go on a trip like this because of problems that need to be addressed. This trip was purely to be an encouragement to the missionaries. We went to be a blessing, and received a greater one in return. The Bonikowskys are ministering in the Basque region of Spain. A unique thing about this area is that Basque is their primary language. They use Spanish only when they have to. We were there three days before we heard any Spanish spoken.

A Harvest Field
Most of the people are Basque natives in the town where Danny and Jordan live. However, there are also immigrants in this town from other parts of Spain and the world. Part of the way Danny and Jordan make personal connections with the people in town is by hanging out in the public square getting to know other young families. At the playground one day I engaged a North African Muslim man in a conversation about the Lord. It was a wonderful conversation that did not lead to conversion, but I sensed that a door has been opened for him and Danny to strengthen a relationship and engage in future discussion about who Christ is.

Missionary Recruiting
When we returned from Spain, we spent another couple of weeks at Pensacola Christian College and Ambassador Baptist College during their missions conferences. It is encouraging to speak with young people who feel the call of God on their lives. It is also a reminder that you and I, as older Christians, should engage in shepherding and mentoring these young people. While some young people have clear direction from the Lord, He hasn’t made His will so clear to all of them. We can do our part in providing guidance and praying for direction in their lives.

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry through your prayers. Contact us and let us know how we might pray for you.

David Peach

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