June 2013 Prayer Letter – Extended

June 12, 2013 9:43 am

Here is our June 2013 prayer letter that I wanted to write. But, it is too long to fit what I know to be good practice for printed letters. Those reading it online will get about 50% more than those getting the printed version.


Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you for your prayer support during our time in Mexico. It is hard to believe that it is quickly coming to an end. We have been here since mid-March and will be leaving in a few days (June 17). Being here has been a blessing in so many ways.

Old Friends
Of course one of the things we were excited about doing was spending time with many of our old friends. It seems like there wasn’t enough time to see everyone and spend as much time with them as we wanted. But we did what we could and received a blessing from seeing so many who have been faithful to the Lord. This included our dear friends in the deaf church, other missionaries, national pastors, and church members.

I can’t necessarily remember all the people that I did not see (those who have stopped going to the various churches); but, I do get great joy from seeing those who have been faithful to the congregations where God has allowed them to serve.

New Friends
I have mentioned before how that Bill and Jennifer Green have done a great job in the ministry here. They have contacted so many new Deaf that I had never met during our four years in Merida. The church has grown in faithful attendees; more than half of whom are people we previously did not know. Meeting the new Deaf and hearing in the church has been wonderful.

There are also new missionary families that are beginning their ministries. Some so new that they are still in language training. This thrills my soul to see this area of Mexico getting the attention of people who want to do a work for God.

Ministry Opportunities
Last Sunday night I preached in a hearing church that has been a great friend to us. Missionary Don Carney is the pastor and has a wonderful group of people who have been faithful to the Lord. I am excited about some of the men in the church who grew up as teenagers there and are now taking active roles in the work.

Last week I attended a seminary graduation where they graduated their first class of seven men and women. The graduates range in age between early 20’s to almost 50 years old. Two are already pastoring churches they helped start and one is preparing to start a new work. The fourth young man in the group is seeking God’s direction while working as a leader in his church. The three ladies who graduated are all very involved in their church ministries (two are the pastors’ wives). What a thrill to see people dedicating themselves to absolute surrender. They have sacrificed four years of their time to intensely study God’s Word and prepare themselves for ministry.

Of course we have also been busy in the work with the deaf church. I love teaching the Bible and seeing eyes light up with understanding. Two weeks ago I was teaching about baptism. One of the deaf ladies who has come to the church for years, but who seems more curious than she is committed, started to understand the purpose of baptism. The teenager beside her poked the lady and said, “see, that is what I have been trying to explain.” I trust we will soon hear news of her step of obedience and identification with Christ through baptism.

Headed Home
In just a few days we will be boarding the plane back to Knoxville. Currently I have no trips on the horizon. Though I have stayed as connected as I could to the BIO office, there are some things that I need to catch up on when we get home. You may remember that I have been in several countries since the beginning of December. Traveling in the US will be a welcome change.

As always, we thank you for your prayers and financial support. Through you, God is enabling us to assist those missionaries working with the Deaf around the world.

PDF version: Peach June 2013 Prayer Letter

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