April 2012 Prayer Letter

April 14, 2012 3:43 pm

Dear Friends,
God was good and gracious to us on our recent 6,000 mile trip. I preached in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. I love encouraging believers to help the cause of missions through prayer, finances and personal surrender to God’s call. I preached or spoke in almost a dozen churches in March. Two of these churches were Deaf churches in Arizona.

We also met with more than 30 pastors or individuals on this trip. Of course many of these meetings were with Christians, but several were with friends we have made through the Internet. It was a joy to share the Gospel and give them specific recommendations for churches in their area.

We crisscrossed the state of Arizona several times. We were in 5 different churches out there. One of the meetings was a Fantastic Saturday with our friends Jon and Diane Barr from Silent Word Ministries. The day was filled with activities and teaching specifically for Deaf and deaf workers.

The main reason we went to Arizona on our trip was to spend time with missionary Mike Remington and his family. Mike is a BIO missionary who, along with his wife Amy, has a love for people. They specifically have been led to reach out to deaf young people who struggle with alcohol, drug and rebellion problems.

Mike invited me to preach at a camp-out weekend which he does twice a year. I preached two times on Saturday, taught Sunday School and preached at the deaf church on Sunday. We had 22 young people at the camp out with six being first-time visitors. After my second message on Saturday evening four of the campers accepted the Lord as their Savior! I dealt with two young men who raised their hands for salvation after the message. As I finished talking to them Mike was sitting down with two more to lead them to the Lord. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of that great weekend.

Mike’s father-in-law will join the team going to Deaf Nation World Expo this summer. This is an event that Stephanie and I will participate in where we will distribute tracts to Deaf from around the world. God used this event two years ago to bring dozens of Deaf to Himself. This summer we look forward to handing out tens of thousands of tracts and DVDs. We will also witness one-on-one with the Deaf and hearing we meet.

We need to raise $2,400 so that Stephanie and I can be part of the team in Las Vegas. Would you like to take a financial role in this great event? You can mark your donations Peach Las Vegas Trip when you send them to our mission board. If you would prefer to donate through PayPal you can do that at our website: www.dpeach.com. Make sure you note what the donation is for so that we will know how to use the money properly.

The next several weeks will be no less exciting. I will speak in a couple of mission conferences as well as teach a sign language class in a church for two weeks. We appreciate your prayers as we travel and spread the burden of reaching the Deaf.

David Peach

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