Back to School!

March 3, 2011 9:22 am

Yes, it is just now March, but it is time to start the new school year in South America. Most of the younger children started this week while the older grades have a couple more days of freedom. This means that ministry will be ramping up again. Through the summer months we have been surprised as to how much things slow down in everyday life as well as ministry. Certainly things have not shut down completely, but vacations have kept us away from many of our normal activities.

We have been a little disconnected from the deaf community during the last couple of months because of the vacation time. But this has given us time to focus on polishing up the interpreters we have in the church. There are 3 ladies who are starting to interpret. While they are all at different levels, they are progressing well. Two of the husbands are learning sign language as well, but as seminary students they have not been able to dedicate as much time to the deaf ministry.

This week I also go back to school. Sign language classes in the local Deaf Association start again. Two of the church members will be going to sign language class with me (though they will be in a different level). They are not going because they feel they need more instruction than what I can provide. Rather, they are going as an opportunity to connect themselves more to the deaf community. That thrills my soul! While we are not yet done in Argentina, we feel like we could walk away at any time and God would continue to do a great work through the students.

Please continue to pray as we seek God’s leading daily in the ministry.

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