December Prayer Letter

December 31, 2009 5:14 pm

Dear Praying Friends,
I spent the first two weeks of December in Nigeria and was blessed to see decisions made and people accept Christ as Savior. I went to Nigeria to help the pastor of a Deaf church be more effective in his ministry. Though Pastor Wale (Wally) was already the pastor of a hearing church in Lagos, he accepted the pastorate of a deaf church in Abeokuta. The pastor who started the church in Abeokuta also started 4 other churches for the Deaf. Since the death of the founding pastor these churches have wandered a bit from their good doctrinal foundation. Pastor Wale is providing godly leadership to bring these churches back to where they started and take them much further in reaching other Deaf around them.

It was my privilege to preach to both the hearing and the Deaf while I was in Nigeria. Nine people came to Christ during this trip! I also witnessed to a couple of men that Pastor Wale has continued contact with who have not yet made a decision for Christ, but I pray that they will soon.

There is still a need for more monthly support, but we are currently focused on raising the needed money for our move. We anticipate needing $7000 to help get us settled in Buenos Aires. Some of the money has come in for this need, but we still lack more than $6000 to make the move. We trust that the Lord will use you and others to help fill this need so that we can soon be in Argentina working to start the Deaf church.

My trip to Nigeria was my first trip to Africa. I was pleased to see God is at work in places that you and I have never been. Most people will never travel outside of their own country, but through the work of missionaries God is doing a great work in the world. While there is still a need for more ministries in Nigeria, I am thankful to have seen some wonderful works with the Deaf in that country. However, that makes me even more burdened for the need in a well-developed country like Argentina which has so little available to the Deaf concerning the truth of God’s Word.

Please pray for us as we travel over the next few weeks and start getting things in order for our move to Argentina. As you can imagine there are many things that need to be done concerning what we will take and what we leave behind. We are thankful for friends and family who will help store items that we cannot take with us. There are other items that need to be sold and weeded out. As we have experienced with previous moves, this can be an emotionally difficult time.

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One Response to “December Prayer Letter”

Caleb Noonan wrote a comment on January 3, 2010

Hey it was great be able to be at church to hear you speaking!!! Don’t you remember my name? You do remember my face but I completely forgotten to give my name!! I’ll be praying for you!! That story you told about a couple prayed for 14 years for deaf counsel for their deaf son, struck me hard!! It was WONDERFUL story!!!
Once again I’ll be praying for you!!
In Christ,
Caleb Noonan

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