Flying to Nigeria in less than 10 days

November 22, 2009 1:50 am

I have spent the last 10 days extremely focused on my trip to Nigeria on November 30 to December 15. I could not get my visa until I had tickets in hand for the flight. I could not buy the tickets until I had money to do so. It cut me a little close on the timing, but I do have my visa approved and ready to go in a few days.

While traveling 4,000 miles in the last 14 days I was also working on gathering teaching materials to take to the churches I will be with. Our mission board has some great materials that have been donated that I can take with me. Also Silent Word Ministries was gracious enough to donate a tremendous amount of literature for the Nigerian Deaf.

The purpose of the trip is to help a particular pastor with some needs he has in his ministry to the Deaf. While I am there working with him he has scheduled a pastors conference with a group of hearing pastors in Lagos. The second week of my stay we will be moving up to the city of Abeokuta where I will preach and teach the Deaf and deaf pastors/workers from around the area.

I do appreciate your prayers and will do my best to keep you updated through as much as possible during the trip.

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