March 2009 Prayer Letter

March 20, 2009 9:14 pm

Dear Praying Friends,
The Lord has blessed with great meetings over the last few weeks. We have picked up some new support and are excited about returning to the field before the end of the year. We have recently had meetings in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Currently we are on our first big trip of 2009 with meetings in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. As soon as we return home from this trip I will be going to Mexico to meet with other missionaries and national pastors working with the Deaf to plan our summer camp. It will be a very busy time for us. We covet your prayers for health and safety during these weeks. We will finally be home to rest a few days in April before heading out again.

In our last letter I mentioned that we were planning to start a ministry in Peru. As soon as that letter went out, I got an unexpected phone call from a missionary friend there. He gave me more information about a ministry opportunity in Argentina we had previously considered participating in. The Lord has shown us that, while the need in Peru is great, there is a greater need in the country of Argentina.

Through several phone calls and a lot of prayer over the last few weeks, the Lord has given us peace about going to Argentina to work with a national pastor, Manuel Caceres. Bro. Caceres has already started a church for the hearing and knows how to work with the Deaf. We will be working to assist him in getting a Deaf work started near the city of Buenos Aires. The focus of our ministry there will be to evangelize the Deaf and lay the foundation with Bible teaching. Our goal will be to help Bro. Caceres build a core group with which he can continue the ministry.

We are thrilled in that God has blessed with new support over the last couple of months. We also covet your prayers for our current supporters that they will be able to faithfully support us during our time in Argentina. Also pray that we will raise our needed support as we travel this year.

As we look forward to the upcoming months we know there will be several expenses that will not be covered by our normal monthly support. These expenses will include our camp needs in Mexico this summer as well as our move to Argentina. In the next letter I will know more about what will be needed for camp. If you are able to help with these expenses please mark your donation for the specific project you want to help with.

My (David) mother was in the hospital since just before Christmas. She had pancreatitis and really struggled to beat the infection. Last week she was released from the hospital and will now be under Dad’s care at home while she works to regain her strength. Since we will be gone so much over the next couple of months, we won’t be able to help Dad nurse her back to health. Both Mom and Dad would appreciate your prayers.

David Peach

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