Georgia and Tennessee

November 18, 2008 9:48 pm

The last few weeks we have had meetings in the Atlanta area. Many have been churches that already support us. We were in a couple new churches and also scheduled some meetings in the area for next year. During our time in Atlanta I preached in a deaf church in which one young man was saved. It was a blessing to talk with 12 year old Luis after the service and show him how the Lord died for his sins.

Stephanie was ill part of this trip. We took her to a doctor to get some medicine for the illness. When he checked her blood pressure, his concern for the illness was lessened because of immediate concern for her high blood pressure. We were sent to the emergency room to get started with some long term care. I was able to take her home and get her scheduled in with a doctor. She is undergoing some tests and treatment to take care of the blood pressure. In the process the doctors have found some other issues that we are going to be checking into. Pray for her health.

After leaving Stephanie and the kids in Pensacola, I returned to Atlanta for two more meetings before going to east Tennessee. Our mission board holds a conference each November in which the board of directors meet for planning and business purposes. The missionaries who are home and pastors who are very closely associated with the board attend this time of fellowship and preaching. It was great to be with some old friends I have not seen in at least 4 years. Some I have not been with for almost 8 years.

I have returned home and will be home for a few more days before heading to another church this weekend.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our traveling safety. Also, please pray for Stephanie’s health issues that the doctors will be able to care for her. I will keep you posted with any significant news about her health.

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