House and car hunting

September 9, 2008 9:28 pm

We spent 8 days in Pensacola (our home base) looking for a house and a car. The house is to rent for the year and the car is to buy. We stayed with David’s parents during that time of searching. Neither a house nor a vehicle presented itself before we had to leave on our first furlough trip.

Currently we are just outside of Atlanta headed to North Carolina for a mission conference in a supporting church. It has been humorous today trying to remember everything that we need to pack for a conference. I am sure we have forgotten something, but there is always a Wal Mart nearby.

Pray with us about finding a house to move to when we get back home. We are also looking for a car. We have hopes of finding the right one on this trip. We have some leads and options, but have not gotten peace about any of them so far. We know the Lord will lead and give us clear direction.

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