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Update – September 30

September 30, 2007 3:41 pm

God has continued to bless and we continue to have visitors with us each service.

Recently I mentioned that there was a teenage girl, Karen (Deaf), who had been with us for a couple of weeks on Wednesday nights. She has continued to come and also comes on Sundays with us now. Last Sunday morning Karen asked the Lord to save her!

In our June prayer letter I mentioned that there was a family that we had visited at the request of one of the sons, Eduardo. Though we went to visit several times, we had trouble catching him at home, but, as a result, his younger brother Memo started attending the services with us. Memo was saved at the end of August. Today, Eduardo (the older brother) attended the Sunday morning services with us. He watched intently to both services and seemed to comprehend the Gospel message. After the service Bill and Jennifer Green, the other missionary family who works in the ministry with us, took Eduardo and his mother home from church (Memo is home sick with severe asthma and bronchial infection). Bill was able to spend more time with Eduardo at the house and helped him accept the Lord as Savior!

On our first visit in the home, Bill and I led the mother and sister to accept the Lord. Both are hearing. Now the two Deaf brothers (approximately 28 and 22 years old) have been saved as well. There is one other hearing brother that we have not had a chance to meet, but would love to see him accept the Lord as well.

In the month of September we had about 20 visitors who had never been to a Sunday service join us for our special emphasis on evangelism. On Saturday night we took the church to hand out New Testament Bibles in the main square. It was a thrill to us and the church to see people sitting on the benches reading the Bibles we had given them. We were able to pass out more than 350 Bible in about 15 minutes.

Thank you for your constant prayers for the ministry.

Update – September 13

September 13, 2007 3:35 pm

God has blessed our ministry with many visitors over the last two weeks. In the last four church services we have had 10 visitors. Many of them have now been with us more than once.

Last night at church one deaf teenage girl and her mother were visiting us for the second time. The mother said that from one week to the next the daughter had not stopped talking about how much she enjoyed being in church with us. The family attends another good church in town, otherwise the daughter would have been in church with us last Sunday. The mother asked us last night if we would allow the daughter to attend even though the rest of the family attended another church. Of course we would be happy for the daughter to be with us. We have already made plans to pick her up Sunday morning.

Though there are four members of this family who are saved, the mother asked us to pray for one of her sons and this daughter who was with us. She asked if we could visit in the home and try to lead her son to the Lord. Though he has been in church, he still has not made a profession of faith. The mother understands that her daughter will need more time to understand the Gospel as she has never had the Gospel explained to her in a way she can comprehend.

Two of the visitors that we had this last Sunday were invited by one of the visitors from the previous Wednesday evening service! They plan to be back with us again this coming weekend.

There is an excitement in our church that God is working. Of course this thrills us as the missionaries, but the church is feeling this energy too.

Thank you for praying and helping us to minister to the Deaf God has called us to.

September 2007 Prayer Letter

September 1, 2007 3:22 pm

Dear Praying Friends,
We had an adventurous trip to camp this summer. We left town with our truck not running quite right, but we had already been to 5 mechanics that were not able to find the problem. We made the 3 day trip to camp running a bit rough, but arriving by the grace of God.

Camp was wonderful! We had 93 people at camp this year. Though it is not significantly more than we have had in the last few years that our family has attended, it is the largest number of campers in several years we were told. There were 3 who accepted the Lord as their Savior! I would like to express our thanks to those of you who prayed for this week of camp. God truly blessed in that special time.

After camp, since we were so close, we headed up to the border to do some shopping. Our truck was still running rough, but eventually we were able to figure out the problem and make the repair ourselves. It was the fuel pump that gave us so much trouble. An interesting side problem cropped up on our way from camp to the border though. Our transmission went out! We had never experienced any transmission issues and were very surprised to have to rebuild it. God provided the right people in the right places and we were able to get our truck towed to a transmission shop to get us back on the road. Of course it was not as simple as it sounds, but God did give guidance and we have a new story to tell the grand kids.

After spending a few days at the border, we returned to Mérida without any car problems. We did have a 3 hour detour because of a closed road, which took us miles out of our way, but kept us moving towards home.

Shortly after we got back home, we started putting things in motion to hold our first camp here in the Yucatan. We were not able to do a week long camp where the campers would go to the campground and sleep, therefore we had a different number of people each day. All total, there were 25 people who attended camp in the 4 day event.

There were no salvations at camp, but we knew there were 2 who attended who had not made a profession of faith. I had been working with them in our church trying to help them understand the Gospel. Both of them are new to sign language and do not have good communication skills. I am very pleased to report to you that they both accepted the Lord this past Sunday morning at church!

God has been gracious in providing our needs for all the traveling we did this summer. Even the unforeseen expenses of car repairs, particularly the transmission, were taken care of by our loving Father. As you continue to pray, He will continue to bless.

I am sure many of you were aware that we had a hurricane come through our back yard August 21. Hurricane Dean passed just south of us but caused little damage here in town. Thankfully, though it was a very strong category 5 storm, there were no deaths in the peninsula. It miraculously passed through a lesser populated part of the Yucatan.

David Peach