Update – March 31

March 31, 2007 8:57 pm

The trip to Valladolid is over. I got home Friday night. I don't think I will recover from this trip for a while. There were about 40 of us together for the week. Most of whom were in their mid-20s. And since I am who I am, I had to be in the middle of everything. The last one to bed and the first one to rise. They wore me out!

We were in 5 different villages around the town of Valladolid. A new place each day. The essence of the work this week was basic medical needs. There were a couple of very minor surgeries performed, but most of what we did was just give out pain medication and helped with rashes and infections. The dental group gave out tooth brushes and pulled teeth.

The Gospel was presented to well over 700 people. I am not sure how many exactly. Through Thursday there were 119 who had received Christ as Savior! I did not get a count on Friday before our evangelist had to leave.

I was not involved directly in any of the evangelism. The way it was handled was far better than me doing it anyway. We had a local pastor who worked as our evangelist. He now has a list of all the names of the people who were saved and which villages they live in. He lives within 25 minutes of all of these people.

Thank you for praying. This group has been to some of these villages before. Many of the people who spoke with our evangelist told him that they had been saved when the group had been there previously.

Within a few weeks the medication that was given to help these people will be used up. Some results will be permanent, many will not. But the eternal results are that there were well over 100 people saved and possibly more as the pastor follows up these decisions with visits in the homes. Praise the Lord for a wonderful week!

Now I get to sleep 2 nights in my own hammock and then it is off on another week long trip to plan for camp.

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