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Deaf Conference August 30-September 1

August 30, 2006 10:06 pm

Tonight we started a conference with our Deaf. Missionary Gary Layne and his wife Ann are here with us for the week. They came from Guadalajara where they have been working with the Deaf for 24 years.

Gary spoke tonight to a group of 36 people which is a great number. At the end of the service, 4 people prayed and accepted the Lord as their Savior.

We were very excited to see such a great turn out and are praying for more of the same the next two nights.

Update – August 24

August 24, 2006 6:32 am

The Deaf man I mentioned in the last update did come to church that weekend with his mother. He has also been at our weekly Bible study with our other Deaf. He marks a new area of ministry for the work here. He belongs to a different segment of the Deaf community that we had previously not been reaching. Pray for our relationship with Guillermo. He is a Christian already and is very interested in helping us grow this ministry.

Last night the Deaf School got rained out. There was so much water in the streets that every time a car came by the water would run up into the school building. Classes were cut short and I took the kids that normally come to our Deaf class over to our house to wait until church time. We had a good time of drinking hot chocolate and talking for that extra hour.

Update – August 11

August 11, 2006 3:16 pm

We made it home from camp without too much difficulty. We had to do a minor repair along the way. Thankfully we had already stopped for the day and had a hotel room when we discovered the problem. The hotel graciously let us stay a couple of extra hours before checking out the next day to complete the work.

Today I went to visit a deaf man. I had visited earlier, but did not catch him at home. His dad was home though, and I had a good conversation with him. The father was very excited to know that there was someone teaching the Bible to the Deaf. Today I met Guillermo and his mother. Guillermo is a man that has been saved several years and is hungry to learn more about God’s Word. We look forward to having him and his mother in church with us Sunday.