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Hurricane Update 4

July 20, 2005 9:20 pm

We ended up at the Texas border as we had originally planned for after camp. But since camp was cancelled due to Emily being projected to land in the area of the camp, we went to the border a few days early to do some shopping. Emily followed us to the border so we moved our shopping trip on up to Houston. We should be headed south of the border in just a few more days.

Keep praying as we have many miles to go to get back home–approximately 1800.

Hurricane Update 3

July 18, 2005 7:10 pm

Got a report that in Merida things were fairly calm. Just a real strong rainstorm. Merida was on the Southwest side of where the eye came across, so it was on the “best” side.

Thank you for praying. We should be back in Merida either late this week, or early next. Currently we are sitting right in Emily’s path for it’s next landfall.

Hurricane Update 2

6:45 am

This morning (8:30 am 7/18/05) we got report that things were seemingly at their worst there in Merida. Please continue to pray for the missionaries that are there and the Mexican nationals.

I got a chance to see The Weather Channel this morning and they reported how the tourists are well sheltered in Cancun and that they were all comfortable in the resort hotels that were providing shelter. But nothing was said about how the average person on the street was doing. They had not lost power in Cancun up to that point, but there was still a lot of storm left to go.

Keep praying!

Hurricane Update 1

July 17, 2005 12:39 pm

We are fine as we are not in Merida at the moment. We were headed to Deaf camp in the northern part of Mexico before the storm is to arrive in Merida. But since the storm will go from Merida over to where camp was to be, we cancelled camp for this year. So currently we are pulled over in a small town between home and camp to give updates to everyone. We will give updates on ourselves and the storm damage as we find out the news.

Thank you for praying for us. Please pray for our church people and Deaf.

Update – July 5

July 5, 2005 8:32 pm

The Lord is good! Thank you for praying for our group of 5 Deaf. Tonight the last one, Yaura, accepted the Lord as her Savior! We will now be working with them to bring others to the Lord.

Israel, Maria Eugenia, Ilka, Fernando and Yaura are 5 Deaf who will be in Heaven and have their lives changed now and forever because of your faithful prayers and support. Keep praying for us that the Lord will enable us to see many more saved during our time here.

Update – July 2

July 2, 2005 12:43 pm

Last night (July 1st) one of our Deaf young men was saved! This was during our new Bible Study for the Deaf. Since we had no new Deaf at the study last night, I took the time to cover the plan of Salvation with Fernando (17 years old). He was the second young man to come to our original group. But the last several weeks he has had to be out and therefore was not up to date with the lessons of Christ. Last night I took the time to catch him up as to who Christ is and why He died for us.

We are excited to see the fourth young person from our group of five accept the Lord. Continue to pray for Yaura. She is the fifth teen in our group and has not yet made a decision for Christ.