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February 2007 Prayer Letter

February 12, 2007 10:45 am

Dear Friends,
We had a great Christmas this year as well as a wonderful start to the new year. During the holidays we were a little less busy with regular activities and were able to spend some time that we don’t normally have with other missionaries. It was good to get together for a few meals and to play games with one another. I realize that there are many missionaries who don’t have the companionship of fellow Christian countrymen, but God has blessed us with that here and I want to openly thank Him for it.

The church is going well. We have seen new visitors coming regularly. We have gained a few new regular attendees as well. We put up a sign for the church one week and the very next Sunday we had a man join us for the morning services. He has been faithful ever since. He does not know much sign language, but reads lips well and is learning signs very quickly. He gives a testimony of being saved.

We have had a couple of really exciting activities which have brought visitors to the church. Though we have not gotten all of them into the church on a regular basis, we have gotten a few. In the month of January we had three visitors for an activity. Two of those came back for our February activity and brought five visitors with them! Pray that the Lord will allow us to see them saved soon.

Our son James took a trip to Indiana for a couple of weeks in January. My brother and his family invited James to spend some time with them. James falls into the same age group as their children and was able to join in on family activities. He even went to school with them the two weeks he was there. It was a good time for him and for my brother’s family.

During that same time, we had another missionary visiting with us. He is a missionary to Cuba, but has not gotten permission for his whole family to live in Cuba full time. He was here visiting to see if the Lord might have his family work in this part of México and take short trips into Cuba while waiting for the permission needed to work full time in Cuba. It was good to have him visit and talk with him about what the Lord is doing in the country of Cuba. Some of you may remember that I spent a week in Cuba a few years back. This family was also on that trip.

Many churches have asked for a new family photo. We finally got a new one that you are welcome to download from our website, You can print the photo yourself, or there is information at the website which tells you how to have a printed copy sent to you. Look on the left hand side of the website to find the link to the family photo. You will also find regular updates about our ministry.

Thank you for praying and being our partners in this ministry.

Missionary Talks Podcast

February 1, 2007 9:33 pm

I am excited to announce the Missionary Talks podcast. It is a project that I have been working on for a few months and am ready to announce to the visitors of

In this podcast I interview missionaries each week for about 15 minutes. You have an opportunity to hear about missionary life from the missionary’s perspective.

There are different mission fields represented in the show. So far we have talked with missionaries in México, Perú, Boston and Cuba. There are interviews with missionary kids as well. Each week you will hear a from about a different missionary and their work.

A podcast is an Internet radio show that you can download and listen to via your computer or any portable MP3 player (you don’t need to have an iPod). You can also listen to the show right from the website. If you would like to know more about how to listen there is information at the Missionary Talks website.

Family Photo

9:19 pm

There is now a new family photo available for churches. Please feel free to use this photo for your church’s missionary board. When you go to this page you will see a link to be able to have the photo professionally printed.

The photo was taken in December 2006. In this photo James is 8 years old and Leyla is 2.