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Safe arrival in Argentina

March 21, 2010 2:17 pm

We arrived in Argentina on Wednesday morning of last week. We had a good trip with no surprises. All our bags arrived safely and at the same time we did. A wonderful answer to prayer.

Bro. Jeff Bush picked us up from the airport and took us to his house to rest and recover from the 10 hour overnight flight. Bro. Bush is the missionary we will be working with in one of the ministries we will start here. He graciously allowed me to preach and share my heart and goals with the church that night.

Thursday and Friday were spent looking at houses. Lord willing we will sign a rental agreement on a house on Monday morning. Because of the time of year and the dynamics of the town we are in there is quite a bit of competition for any available rental properties. We are praying to get one house in particular. However it is not a sure deal until papers are signed and money exchanged. Please pray that we will get the house the Lord has for us.

Saturday we met some Deaf in town and learned a few signs to get us started. The biggest thing we learned is that the sign language really is as different as we expected.

Thanks for your prayers through this first week. As busy as the week has been it has gone quite well. Praise the Lord.

Prayer requests for Argentina move

March 15, 2010 8:11 am

Here is a list of prayer requests that I passed out to a group of friends this weekend. These include a couple of immediate needs as well as short term needs as we arrive in Argentina.

  • Wisdom in packing
  • Safety in travel
  • Finding a house quickly
  • Learning the sign language quickly
  • Learning the public transportation
  • Wisdom in juggling the 2 different ministries (deaf church and deaf ministry in the hearing church)
  • Churches that have had to cut back financially will be able to take us on again
  • More churches and individuals to take us on as a missions project

Gifts and support can be sent to:

Baptist International Outreach
PO Box 587
Jefferson City, TN 37760

Indicate that it is for us or put our account number (567) on the check.

The above address is the new mission board office address. You can still use the old address for a while, but please start using the new one as soon as possible.

We will leave on Tuesday March 16 at 3:00 from the Ft. Walton Beach airport. We appreciate your prayers and friendship as we move into this new phase of ministry.

February Prayer Letter

February 22, 2010 5:27 pm

Dear Friends,
We bought our plane tickets for Argentina! We load up and fly on March 16. That is less than 4 weeks away as I write this. While we are excited, we are also very aware of how much needs to be done between now and then.

By choosing a date into the middle of March we are able to attend our mission board’s “March Meeting.” This year is special for two reasons; either of which is significant enough to encourage us to stay. We will dedicate the new BIO Office building at the March Meeting. The dedication will be March 8. Anyone in the Jefferson City, TN area who would like to attend is welcome to join us. The dedication service starts at 6:00 PM. There will be an open house between 4:00 and 6:00 that afternoon. You can contact me or the BIO Office for more information.

The second big event that week is we will approve a new deaf missionary. He is a deaf man going to Tanzania to establish a church and Bible institute. This is the first missionary that I have been privileged to work with and bring through the approval process to join BIO.

We are thankful for some very generous offerings that have helped us raise $5700 of the $7000 we need for the trip to Argentina. We still need $1300 between now and the middle of March. Just as important as the large gifts from churches are the smaller ones from individuals. Whether the Lord leads you to help with this need in a seemingly small or large way, the important thing is obedience to what He would have you do.

We have solidified some of our plans for when we get started in our ministry in Argentina. We will work in 2 different ministries at this time. We also plan to work with other churches as the Lord opens doors. One of the two ministries we are involved with is starting a Deaf church with a  national pastor. That pastor has put us in contact with a missionary who  is interested in starting a deaf ministry in another town. We will work with that church to train people in the congregation to minister to the Deaf through interpreted services and church activities. We pray for other opportunities to help as many churches as we can while there.

Thank you for your prayers and support through this furlough. We are excited to get back to the field. Thankful as we are for the time we spent in churches telling others about our ministry, we long to be back to daily involvement with a work on the field. To do this we need more monthly financial support. Pray that the new churches we were in last year will join our team. If you plan to join us in a financial way, please let us know so that we can better plan our time in Argentina. Just $50 a month more can help us do that much more ministry. Will that $50 come from you?

PDF version of the letter.

Nigeria, Argentina, March 15

January 29, 2010 2:49 pm

This is a video update concerning my recent trip to Nigeria, our move to Argentina and fact that we will be leaving on March 15.

Through some recent generous offerings we have been blessed with more than $5500 that we need for the move. We still need $1500, but this is enough to be able to set a date for our departure. We will be boarding a plane for Argentina on March 15.

Update: January 25

January 25, 2010 12:49 pm

We have been focused the last few weeks on raising the money needed to make the move to Argentina. We estimate that it will cost us about $7,000. Because of some very generous gifts, we only lack $5,000 more. As soon as that amount is raised then we will be boarding a plane to make the move.

Will you consider a one time gift to help with the move?

To make a tax deductible donation you can send your gift through our mission board. If you have any questions you can give me a call or email me. All the contact information for our board or for us is at our contact page.